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Empire TV Tycoon soundtrack

This week “Empire TV Tycoon” videogame from spanish company Dreamsite Games was published on Steam Greenlight with a steadily growing support towards its approval.

White Hole Studios is collaborating with this game with the creation of a full soundtrack with more than a dozen tracks for the videogame, including the main theme and in-game music.

Empire TV is a videogame in which you manage a TV channel and in which you task is managing the contents that your channel broadcasts, choosing advertisers, hiring workers and actors, and even making your own productions.

As your channel broadcasts its programs, several different songs will go with them, according to the style and mood of what is being broadcasted. So, when a “drama” type of movie is on screen, something along this lines will sound from your speakers:

You can check the game out and vote for it on its Steam Greenlight webpage

‘i hate skool’ distribution stopped

After the initial success, the free distribution of the Skool Daze remake ‘i hate skool’ had to be stopped due to copyright issues.

There is already one remake (Klass of 99′) and even a full disassembly of Skool Daze along with Back to School, so we didn’t think that programming a free remake of the 80s classic would be problematic when it comes to copyright. We were wrong.

We’re sorry for not having explained this sooner, but we expected it to be solved and distribution resumed.

Still, ‘i hate skool’ was but our letter of introduction. We wont surrender!

‘i hate skool’ has been released

After a few weeks of betatesting, ‘i hate skool’ has been finally released! Now you can download it from for free:

‘i hate skool’ is a remake based on the old 8-bit (specifically ZxSpectrum) videogame ‘Skool Daze’, with quite a few enhancements from game speed to brand new options and features:

  • Fight, shoot, jump, sit, write on blackboards, and most important of all, don’t miss any classes or you’ll get lines!
  • Now you can answer the teachers’ questions and beat the swot in his own field!
  • Interact in a  much more lively school now full of kids.
  • Full weather system. Don’t get wet or you’ll get lines!
  • Choose your gender in a mixed school.
  • Beat the game in the old Skool Daze style: Activate every shield, get the combination from the teachers (and the forgetful Mr.Creak!), open the safe and change your report!



“i hate skool” Main theme now on SoundCloud

The main theme (that will play in the main menu) for “i hate skool” has been uploaded to SoundCloud.

The theme itself merges modern sound and 8-bit like chiptune style to render a new rendition of the old Skool Daze theme, classic nursery rhyme “Girls and Boys Come Out to Play”.

While we enter into the final beta-stage for the November release, you can listen to the song here:

‘i hate skool’ teaser trailer online!

The ‘i hate skool’ for PC teaser trailer has just been released!

And with it there is also now a release date: November 2014 will be the deadline. This will all be announced in due time!

You can watch it on YouTube or download it in a higher quality.

White Hole Studios website online!

Well, it has not been easy to breath for a moment to create this website before the development of Skool Daze Reloaded reaches then end, but it sure was necessary to have some place beyond Twitter and Soundcloud in which to post things. So at last there is a White Hole Studios website in which to share updates and centralize all information on WHS projects.

Lets celebrate with a new screenshot! This one features quite a higher amount of classmates (three times more than the original game), both males and females.


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