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After a few weeks of betatesting, ‘i hate skool’ has been finally released! Now you can download it from for free:

‘i hate skool’ is a remake based on the old 8-bit (specifically ZxSpectrum) videogame ‘Skool Daze’, with quite a few enhancements from game speed to brand new options and features:

  • Fight, shoot, jump, sit, write on blackboards, and most important of all, don’t miss any classes or you’ll get lines!
  • Now you can answer the teachers’ questions and beat the swot in his own field!
  • Interact in a  much more lively school now full of kids.
  • Full weather system. Don’t get wet or you’ll get lines!
  • Choose your gender in a mixed school.
  • Beat the game in the old Skool Daze style: Activate every shield, get the combination from the teachers (and the forgetful Mr.Creak!), open the safe and change your report!



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